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I’m so excited to announce The Studio Series, created in collaboration with Rebecca Isenhart Photography. This was my first time shooting in a studio and I’m completely converted. I always felt that shooting outdoors and on location allowed for more of a story. But Rebecca worked with me to create a narrative and a sense of purpose in every photograph. In this first outfit I paired classic Celina elements (leather and tulle) and gave them a ballet spin. tutu-6tutu-2These behind-the-scenes moments feel very Degas to me. He depicted ballerinas on their off time, when they were stretching, fixing their hair, or taking a brief respite from their grueling routines. Admittedly that was a commentary on the dangers of the industry, while this is a much more glamorized backstage glimpse. tutu-7tutu-8Working in the studio allowed us to play with poses in a way that’s much more difficult in an unpredictable outdoor setting. Whereas many outfit shoots can settle into a mundane routine, the studio made room for artistic experimentation. tutu-11tutu-13I’ve known Rebecca since college and though she’s always been talented, recent years have brought out a dedication to her craft and passion for her work that makes for exceptional images. She captured me as the woman I always wanted to be, strong, smart, flirty, and, of course, fashionable. I think Rebecca’s true gift is finding the essence of someone, even if they don’t see it, and bringing it to life on camera. tutu-15tutu-14

Tutu: ASOS, Crop Top: Forever21, Flats: ASOS via Poshmark

Photos by Rebecca Isenhart Photography.