I always love to get feedback on my blog, my outfits, and my photos. If you like anything or think I should change something please let me know!


Twitter: @celinacolby

Pinterest: trendsndtolstoy

Instagram: trendsandtolstoy

7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Andrei Chirilescu said:

    Hello! I’m Andrew and i’m pleased to know you! It is a pleasure watching through your pictures. I like your trends very much. Hope you make some more pictures with you!

  2. Daria Tolstoy said:


    We are just curious to know why you call your blog “Trends & Tolstoy”?…..not being part of the Tolstoy family….Maybe time to chance for another blog name?

    Daria Tolstoy

    • Hi Daria,

      The name is a reference to my love of Russian literature. I don’t claim to be related to the author in any way.

      Thanks for your interest!


  3. Hi Celina!
    Love your blog. Im really interested to know whether you read Russian literature in English or Russian?
    Take care

  4. Anna Fofana said:

    Hey Celina! I am so pleased to meet you. I have a question: Why did you decided to make this blog.

  5. Love your blog and your great taste in fashion. You make all your outfits sparkle, being who you are!

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