New Orleans by Night


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If possible, New Orleans is an even more vibrant city at night than during the day. Live jazz pours out of every bar and restaurant on Frenchman street, and the tourists crowd onto Bourbon street for a taste of the raunchy nightlife.

neworleansbynightHaving been to the red light district in Amsterdam, I wasn’t too scandalized by the benign strip clubs and jello shots that Bourbon street had to offer. But that really is where the party happens. If you walk one street over it’s completely silent.

neworleansbynight4We started our evening off at Killer Poboys, an incredible, and literal, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The hidden foodie paradise is tucked into the back of Erin Rose bar. You have to enter the bar and walk all the way through to get to the good stuff. You’ll find yourself in space about half the size of a dorm room, where you can order off a menu of five sandwich options.

neworleansbynight3This is the only sandwich I’ve ever been carded in order to eat, but it was so worth it. Above is the “Dark and Stormy” pork belly poboy with rum ginger glaze and lime slaw. It was delicious.


neworleansbynight5Pro tip for anyone heading to NOLA, the dress code for going out is nonexistent. The tourists behind me in waist-tied sweatshirts and crocs fit in just as much as I did in my LBD.

neworleansbynight6We went to a few different jazz clubs over the course of our trip, but Vaso was my favorite. It’s a huge bar with lots of dancing and some great live music. I was really into the jazz bar scene, it’s so much more fun than the over-hyped, over-sexualized clubs in most cities.

neworleansbynight7I also recommend BMC for a more casual, drink-and-listen atmosphere. It’s a neighborhood kind of place so you can bypass most of the tourists there.

A big thank you to everyone who gave us restaurant/bar suggestions, you really made this trip great!

Photos are mine.

Sunday Snapshots


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sundaysnapshotscollage8312014From left to right: 1) A turban is the best solution to a bad hair day. 2) Champagne and sunshine on a cruise around the harbor. 3) Getting excited for the Goya exhibit a the MFA! 4) More snaps from the blogger brunch cruise, stay tuned for a post. 5) Snuggles with Coco, always a necessary weekend event. 6) Weekends are made for mimosas and shopping.

Summer Brights


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As excited as I am for fall, I will miss the bright colors associated with summer. In the winter the city becomes a sea of black and grey, but during the warmer months I can wear outfits like this one. The long, trumpet-flare skirt gives the outfit a retro vibe but the neon pink keeps it modern.




summerbrights4Shirt: TJ Maxx, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: H&M, Rings: Assorted, Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott

Photos by Rebecca Isenhart.

Find her TwitterInstagram, and website.

New Orleans by Day


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A week and a half ago I took a trip to New Orleans with my friend Caroline, as a kind of 21st birthday/end of the summer celebration. I’ve really missed traveling and this trip was absolutely perfect. We went on a complete whim with plans only to eat, shop, and listen to music, and that turned into the perfect Louisiana vacation.

neworleansbyday8This is St. Louis cathedral in Jackson Square, a must see picturesque scene in the French Quarter (and right near a lot of Beignet shops!).

neworleansbydayI never realized that the streetcars were actual public transit and not just a tourist attraction. But they were a huge help getting around the city, especially in the midday heat.


neworleansbyday5New Orleans is well known for it’s live music, and hearing the street musicians on every corner gave the city such a fun, positive vibe.


neworleansbyday9Here’s a shot from inside the Arcadian bookstore, and let me tell you, it’s officially my favorite place on earth. The books are literally piled floor to ceiling in a seemingly haphazard way. Tiny passageways weave through the store and it’s more than a little easy to get lost. But the best part is that the piles are actually highly organized by author and genre.

neworleansbyday4There was a great art scene in the French Quarter, with all kinds of cool galleries and public pieces.


neworleansbyday3If you only do one thing on your NOLA trip, eat a Beignet. Cafe du Monde has just two items on their menu, coffee and beignets. You’ll never eat a donut again.

neworleansbyday7I couldn’t get over how friendly everyone was. As a lifetime New Englander, I was taken aback when people would greet me on the street. Courtesy? Friendship? What? Don’t worry, it took me about 2 minutes on the MBTA to get my Boston bitch face back.

neworleansbyday6We had a truly fabulous trip, and although I could never live there (95 degrees every day!), I can’t wait to go back.

Stay tuned for a nighttime adventures in the city of jazz next week.

Photos are mine.



Home Run


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It’s not very often that I go for an all out borrowed-from-the-boys look, but living so close to Fenway has given me a serge of athletic and menswear inspiration. And where better to shoot a tomboy look than at the green monster itself?

homerun4I love boyfriend jeans but they can be hard to style on a small frame like mine. I paired them with a feminine chiffon top and strappy heels for some balance. The leather baseball cap add a bit of much needed edge. And let’s be honest, who can go to Fenway without a baseball hat?





homerun3Top: Forever21, Jeans: Forever21, Hat: ASOS, Shoes: Steve Madden

Photos by Rebecca Isenhart.
Find her TwitterInstagram, and website.

Sunday Snapshots


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Last week I took a trip to New Orleans to round off my summer travel. It was an incredibly fun trip, full of good food, good music, and good company. I’ll post about my adventures next week but here’s a preview.

sundaysnapshotscollage8242014From left to right: 1) Beignets at Cafe du Monde (SO much better than donuts). 2) St. Louis cathedral in Jackson Square. 3) Listening to some live jazz at Vaso. 4) We used streetcars to get around. I made about 5,000 Streetcar Named Desire references. 5) Found my favorite bookstore in the whole world. 6) Even the salads are fried in the South. It’s a magical place.

A Performance Piece


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These leggings came into my wardrobe surrounded by debate. When I first found them my co-workers insisted that only Beyonce could justify wearing something so out of control, and even then only on stage. Naturally I took this as a challenge and promptly purchased them.


aperformancepiece6I can’t even tell you the amount of stares I got in these pants. But it was so worth it. I styled them with a simple black shirt and low heeled booties. Wavy bedhead topped off the casual rocker look I was going for.




What do you think, was I successful or should I relegate these pants back to the costume shop?

Shirt: H&M, Pants: SammyDress, Booties: Payless, Bracelet: Kendra Scott

Photos by Jenni Heller.