After School Suspension


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I received this suspender skirt from OASAP and instantly fell in love. The caging under the bust gives it an especially edgy twist while the circle skirt and short length keep it fun and flirty. It’s a simple, easy way to add visual interest to an average top. Sorry to make another school-themed post but I’ve gotta milk the schoolgirl trope for all it’s worth before I graduate in a few weeks.




afterschoolsuspension6These booties have become my new favorites. The heel elevates all my looks but it’s low enough to be comfortable all day long.

afterschoolsuspension2Skirt: c/o OASAP (available here), Shirt: TJ Maxx, Tights: TJ Maxx, Heels: c/o OASAP (available here), Rings: Vintage and Handmade

Photos by Jenni Heller.

Blind as a Bat


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My vision is terrible. It’s been years since my eye doctor pronounced me legally blind without my glasses and since then the situation has only worsened. On the daily I morph into an old woman, squinting at things and muttering. My friends are constantly harassing me for my new tagline “I can’t see a blessed thing.”

I tried the contacts route but it didn’t work for me, so I’m always on the prowl for stylish glasses. Enter Trioo, an online eyewear company with a focus on quality and style.

blindasabat2The process was easy, I chose my frames and entered my prescription information online. They ask for some measurements to make sure the frames are sized properly. The styles are all very sleek and affordable, ranging from about $67-$97. I chose the Beverly for the subtle cat eye and neutral-but-sassy color options.

blindasabat3My glasses arrived just a few days later (nice fast shipping time despite the company’s base in China). Shipping is also free with any pair. My biggest concern was that the frames would be too big for my face. As a petite lady, it’s difficult to find glasses that don’t make me look like a deranged bat. These regular-sized frames ended up being a cute oversized style on me just like I was hoping. Another bonus – the frames are super lightweight.

blindasabat4One of Trioo’s big marketing pushes is that their glasses are super durable. As someone who wears her glasses into the ground I can attest to this. I somehow managed to drop these babes three times in my first day wearing them and encountered no problems. The frames also came with a tiny screwdriver so I can make small adjustments right here at home.

blindasabat5From a style perspective I’ve found their frames to be very modern. These have a hint of retro but remain current. The glasses are designed in Paris and then manufactured in Shanghai to keep the price down and the style up. I’d recommend Trioo to anyone looking for affordable, chic glasses without the trip to the eye doctor.

Photos by Jenni Heller.

Please note: I was given a complimentary pair of glasses by Trioo, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Trends and Tolstoy!

Creative Control


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Ordering online can be a hit-or-miss game. And the only snag with the overseas retailers that I’m so fond of is that it’s usually not worth it to return things. So I have to get a little creative once in a while. I ordered this blazer from OASAP a few weeks ago. When it arrived I found that it was way too long on me. So I pinned it in a few key places and turned it into a dress.

creativecontrol3I’ve always found the idea of a blazer dress very sexy. I think a black, men’s blazer pinned into a dress with a red lip and tousled hair would make for a perfect going out look. This is a more cheerful version of that idea.




creativecontrol4Blazer: OASAP (available here), Tights: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Payless, Rings: Assorted

Photos by Jenni Heller.

Sunday Snapshots


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sundaysnapshots11162014collageFrom left to right: 1) Getting my curls on at Viselli Santoro Salon. 2) Morning reading in bed. 3) A gorgeous place setting from Tablescapes in Portsmouth. 4) Wine and crafts with some fabulous ladies. 5) Prepping for the week ahead. 6) Cannolis from Mike’s make the perfect pick-me-up.

Denim for Days


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This week I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Lee denim. They’re debuting their newest jean: Riders by Lee. These super soft, affordable jeggings are designed to look as polished as a traditional jean with all the comfort of sweatpants.



denimfordays6I frequently have qualms about jeggings because they can look very tacky if not done right. The Riders definitely struck the right balance between jean and comfort. They looked completely like regular jeans.

denimfordays5In addition to a regular a bar, the event included a cookie sandwich bar. Needless to say I spent much more time at the latter.


denimfordays3Dangerous princess, cause obviously.


Big thanks to Riders by Lee for making this happen! We had a fantastic time.

Photos by Jenni Heller.

Autumn Elegance


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It was love at first sight when I saw this dress. It’s the perfect dark autumn floral in a classy tea-length style with a low neckline and a mesh hem to add some edge. Perfection all around. I styled it with a leather jacket, single sole heels and a hat to give it a more casual feel.




autumnelegance3Dress: Savas Studios, Jacket: H&M, Hat: Vintage, family heirloom, Shoes: H&M

Photos by Jenni Heller.

Old Standard


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I have a few standbys that have consistently been with my style for years no matter how much I’ve changed. My go-to neutral is black, my go-to accessory is a scarf, and my go-to print is plaid. I’ve said before it’s the only glimpse left of my New Hampshire roots. We shot this dress at one of my go-to places, the Boston Public Library. Just like I feel most comfortable in plaid, I feel safest surrounded by books.

oldstandardThis simple A-line dress can go from girly and sweet to edgy with just a few accessory changes. When in doubt I can always grab this piece for a guaranteed pulled together look.



oldstandard3Dress: OASAP, Tights: TJ Maxx, Flats: Tahari, Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott

Photos by Jenni Heller.