What’s Your Swagger?


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This past month I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Coach on a photo campaign to promote their Fall 2016 collection. They were looking to market the purses as an essential in the lives of stylish intellectuals, and that aesthetic is right up my alley. When designing the campaign I wanted to highlight the intellectual passions that fuel me like art, literature, and history, while showing how fashion fits in.

fullsizerender-4The campaign was hosted on my Instagram account which is marked by a very clean, minimalist aesthetic. In this shot I placed the Butterfly bag (available here) on a bookshelf between Dostoevsky’s A Writer’s Diary and Nabokov’s Lolita, two of my favorites. I’ve long been a crusader for the camp that academic women can be fashionable as well, and this visualizes it perfectly. img_9444For this shot I partnered with Pucker Gallery on Newbury Street. They have a piece by Massachusetts artist Ali Clift that perfectly matches the beautiful bag. Because I’m an art reporter by day, it was important to me to show that fashion is every bit artwork as a painting or sculpture. img_9226-1When I saw this New Yorker cover I knew right away the colors would synthesize well with the bag. One of my markers of a good purse is whether or not I can fit a book in it (guess what, this one holds your traditional paperback nicely). img_9510For my last shot I had in mind a his and hers style photo with the delicate butterflies of my Coach bag and the more angular lines of a briefcase. My cohort was thoroughly embarrassed when I conducted a full photoshoot in the middle of our brunch, but let me tell you it was worth it.

To see more photos from the collaboration check out my Instagram @trendsandtolstoy.

Please note: Coach supplied me with the Butterfly bag free of charge, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Spirit of Boston


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As fall fast approaches and the scarves and jackets come out of storage, I’m trying to hang on to my favorite parts of summer for a little while longer. Fortunately, Entertainment Cruises lets the luxury of a harbor cruise last all year long. I recently gave their Spirit of Boston dinner cruise a spin, and it was a blast. They have outdoor games and spacious decks that allow you to enjoy the water, and indoor dining rooms and lounges for when it gets brisk.

img_9248I’ve been on a few harbor cruises in the past and scale matters. Too big a boat and it doesn’t feel like you’re on the water, too small and it’s lacking the amenities that make for a special experience. The Spirit of Boston is small enough to feel like an intimate party, but large enough to have a full buffet dining service, multiple bars, and quiet corners to retreat to. img_2993img_3005The food was excellent and there were options aplenty for the vegetarian and pescetarian crowds. In the indoor dining area a dance floor and DJ were set up post-dinner for those looking for a club atmosphere. My guest and I headed to the upper deck for a relaxing drink against the Boston skyline. The upper deck also offers cornhole and a giant jenga setup.

img_3010What I like about this cruise is the customizable nature of the experience. If you want to go for a romantic date you can find quiet spots for just-the-two-of-us moments. If you want to go for a party you can break it down amidst crowds of people. The boat also takes reservations for large parties and events.

Please note: I was given a complimentary cruise on the Spirit of Boston, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

What I’m Reading: Execution


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You can spot the flaws in humanity with a brief scan of the daily paper. Bombings, deceits, murders, lies, we have some pretty fatal tendencies. But if there was any doubt about our interest in the grotesque, Geoffrey Abbott’s Execution dispels it. The book covers the history of 70 different modes of execution, organized in alphabetical sections.


As a lover of Russian novels and Criminal Minds, this kind of history fascinates me. It’s alarming how creative people have been in the torture and destruction of their fellow man. What’s nice about this book is that, although there are some graphic details, much of the content is about the history of the processes, how they came to be, what famous people were executed this way, what areas it was most popular in, etc.

Abbott used to work at the infamous Tower of London and has written several books on the subject of capital punishment. His style is conversational and easy to read. If you have an interest in history, anthropology, or execution, I highly recommend it. Beyond answering the basic questions about each method, the text raises some larger questions about our desire to inflict pain on the people who have wronged us.

Sunday Snapshots


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sundaysnapshotscollage942016From left to right: 1) Finding solace in my beautiful new apartment. 2) My first segment with City Line aired on Channel 5 yesterday. 3) Exploring menswear. 4) Latest dark, but fascinating, reads. 5) My promise to the city of Boston, made as part of the Public Trust exhibit. 6) Warhol’s Stalin at the Harvard Art Museums.

Take Me bACK


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Last Wednesday I played hooky on work for an unforgettable day trip to Nantucket, courtesy of New England Development. I linked up with a very talented blogger crew (Prim and Propah, Oh, I Design, Design Fixation, and A City Girl’s Guide) and sailed off to the cedar-shingled capital of New England.

This was my first time on the island of striped tees and sailboats, and let me tell you, it lives up to hype. The moment we stepped off the Hy-Line boat onto the wood planked dock we were whisked from one delightful surprise to another. Our tour started at G.S. Hill Gallery, an independently run gallery operated by oil painter G.S. Hill and his wife. A short walk down the cobblestoned street sits Aunt Leah’s Fudge, a tiny, charming building containing some of the most mouth-water fudge I’ve ever eaten.IMG_2941

Most of the shops on the island are locally run, in fact the town voted in 2006 to ban chains with more than 14 storefronts from the main shopping drag. This keeps the downtown quaint and Wal-mart free. We stopped in Monelle, Shift Stores, Sarah Campbell, Ellie Kai, Remy Creations, Best of the Beach, Freedman’s, and Beautycounter throughout the day. What makes smaller stores like these so remarkable is the dedication to the product. In many instances the owners were present and eager to talk about their vision. This kind of hands-on operation is rare and wonderful. IMG_2923Monelle was the sassy, girly boutique of my dreams. Everything was covered in pastel fur and sequins. Even in the dead of summer the soft sweaters and faux furs made me want to snuggle up with a new translation of Anna Karenina and some cocoa. Freedman’s was my other favorite, a cross between a gallery and antique store, the space boasted unique items designed by the shop’s namesake artist. IMG_2920IMG_2911

We stopped for lunch at Met on Main, a relative of Met Back Bay here in Boston. Those folks are not messing around when it comes to good food. They spoiled us with sparkling rosé, fresh oysters, a loaded lobster roll, and rosemary parmesan french fries that I’m still dreaming about. We also had the chance to sample the pies at Oath Pizza, and grabbed dessert at Ice NantucketIMG_2927IMG_2931IMG_2938Long story short, we were spoiled rotten. It was tough coming back to the office after a day of breezy temps, perfect sunshine, and good company. A huge thank you to New England Development and everyone who made this trip special. And a shout out to my blogger gals, who showed me that talent, style, humor, and heart can, and do, come packaged together. IMG_2932IMG_2943

Photos are mine.

Please note: I was provided with a complimentary trip to Nantucket by New England Development, however, all opinions expressed are my own.



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I bought these pants at a thrift store in Provincetown last year and they got lost in the back of my closet before I ever wore them. I pulled them out a few weeks ago and have been reaping the benefits ever since. Paired with a low heel and a black turtleneck, these culottes become a chic office statement. With a fringey crop top they could easily transition to nightwear.


Pants: Thrifted, Shirt: Forever21, Shoes: H&M

Photos by Stephanie Krist.

Sunday Snapshots


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sundaysnapshotscollageFrom left to right: 1) Starting Monday off right at Sonsie. 2) So excited to be shooting an Instagram campaign for Coach. Follow along here3) Big plans for the evening. 4) My grandfather made this painting for me, inspired by my hectic lifestyle. It’s one of my favorites in my collection. 5) Love you, Boston. 6) Tatte Bakery really understands my needs.