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I get a lot of questions about how I take my Instagrams, so today I’m giving you some top secret information about my ‘gram styling. If you take a look at my Instagram you’ll see I have a very clean, minimal style based in bright whites and negative spaces. Here’s how I do it.

behindthescenesinstagramFor my white background I use an old window shade. I can lay it out on the floor and style accordingly. Because it’s bendable I can also drape it over a chair to get a foreground and background in white. Above I’m snapping some shoes on the shade. I take all my instagram photos with my iPhone 6.

behindthescenesinstagram2I’m fortunate to be blessed with a very bright apartment. I take all my ‘grams next to a wall of windows which allows a lot of natural light into the photo. I only take them in the morning when it’s brightest, then I use Afterlight to touch them up.

behindthescenesinstagram3Sometimes it takes me hours to style an photo just right. Even the most minimal of shots require careful design to fit my aesthetic.

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Photos by Jamie Ditaranto.