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Today we’re taking a little peek inside my closet. I live in a studio and it’s basically a closet with a bed, not because of size but because of the sheer amount of clothing inside. The key to making good outfits is a closet that’s primed for organization and inspiration. Here are a few tips I use to acquire both.

closetsecrets1) Organization – I organize my clothes by type (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses) and then by use. The clothes I wear most often are most accessible. This makes it easy to identify what I can get rid of and when I want to mix it up I can turn to the less-worn section.

closetsecrets22) Experimentation – I use my closet as a way to experiment with different looks. I try to place very different items together to get a new perspective. For example, I have my leather baseball cap hanging over a bejeweled formal dress. Many of my looks bring together two seemingly opposite aesthetics and playing with my closet inspires me to do that. closetsecrets33) Inspiration – I plan all my outfits out at the beginning of the week. This gives me the time to put together interesting and dynamic outfits without the stress of a deadline. Several factors go into the process: schedule, weather, and whether or not we’re shooting for the blog. During this process I pull up other blogs, newspaper articles, magazines, and Instagrams I’ve saved. If you see something you like try creating it for yourself, it keeps your wardrobe fresh.

closetsecrets4What are your tips for an organized and inspired closet?

Photos by Jamie Ditaranto.