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As an everyday wearer of glasses, I’m always looking for places where I can find stylish frames at affordable prices. My latest favorite shop is EYESPOT in Chestnut Hill. This locally owned optical offers both high end and local frame designs as well as contacts, eye exams, and children’s glasses. The best part is, for every frame you buy, EYESPOT donates a frame, lenses, and an eye exam to a child in Nepal who doesn’t have regular access to an eye doctor. Think of them as the Tom’s of eyewear.

spotlightoneyespotOne of the best parts of EYESPOT is the friendly environment. While I was checking out the store, I saw the doctor walking around helping people choose frames while a stylist debated with a client the pros and cons of thick, chunky glasses. I’ve had glasses since fifth grade and none of my eye doctors ever left their office. It was refreshing to see such a friendly, hands-on team. spotlightoneyespot(4)

The frame selection is extensive. At one end you can find local pieces, like the Randolph line which is made right in Randolph, MA. At the other end you can find Tiffany & Co., Prada, and Vera Wang. Part of their wide variety of frames is their own line of glasses and sunglasses. These are sold at an affordable mid-range price which can be a refreshing change from the price tags of designer items. EYESPOT caters to a wide price demographic, with options from $99 to $700. spotlightoneyespot(5)

This is Kelley, EYESPOT’s marketing director and stylist. As you can see from the amazing frames she’s rocking, the EYESPOT selection is anything but dull. For a small store, they have an incredible selection of different looks. You can find a bold cat eye next to a classic Ray-Ban followed by a subtle frameless pair. In this way EYESPOT can service a wide demographic. Their customer base is mostly young professionals but they work with a lot of families as well. spotlightoneyespot(3)

EYESPOT’s friendly size does nothing to stop its accommodation of technology. One of the most useful parts of the store is this photobooth. You can take an easy selfie of yourself in a pair of glasses and then e-mail it to everyone you know for a fast opinion. SO helpful. I buy glasses once very 6+ years so if I’m going to do it I need the opinion of my friends, family, mailman, realtor, and hairdresser. EYESPOT makes that easy.spotlightoneyespot(2)If you’re a fellow four eyes, EYESPOT is offering Trends and Tolstoy fans 20% off their purchase. Just mention my name while you’re shopping and you can get a cool new set of frames for a fraction of the cost. Go ahead, try the pink cat eyes. If they look bad you can count on your mailman to let you know.

Photos are mine.

Full Disclosure: EYESPOT compensated me for this post, however, all opinions expressed are my own.