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For the final installment of the Studio Series, Rebecca and I decided to mix things up. Instead of shooting this suit at a pool like my Swimsuit Series, we shot it in her glamorous, claw-foot tub. The electric blue water is a milk bath concoction. Typically milk baths are used in bathtub photoshoots to keep from showing too much. We used the technique to create a neon accent to my bright suit. This is another instance where the studio has its advantages to shooting on site. We were able to create the exact environment we wanted without worrying about weather conditions, the crowd at a pool, or the color of the water. CMbath-2electriccity5To be honest this suit is a little revealing for my taste. But it was the bright pink and the waist sash that caught my attention. It’s the perfect suit for lounging by a pool with the pure intention of looking fabulous. I do not recommend it for anything remotely close to actual swimming. electriccity6electriccity4

Full disclosure: you make a milk bath by mixing powdered coffee creamer, water, and paint. I am literally sitting in a bathtub full of lukewarm paint in these photos. Just a little reminder that no matter how glamorous a blogger’s life looks, there’s always something else going on underneath.

electriccityIt’s amazing how much you can do with such a small set. We shot pretty much solely in the space of the tub itself, but managed to come up with a variety of poses and a storyline to accompany the look. You can see the rest of the Studio Series here and hereCMbath-6

Bathing suit: ASOS

Photos by Rebecca Isenhart Photography.