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Everyone knows the accessories make the outfit, but no one knows it better than Alexis at Wearlex.com. Alexis provides a set of carefully curated accessories on her site, including jewelry, purses, scarves, and watches. Because it’s a small business, Wear Lex tailors its products directly to customer feedback. That way everything on the site is drool-worthy, and because there’s no middle man, it’s all very reasonably priced.

spotlightonwearlex3I sampled a few products from the Wear Lex collection and I’m still not sure how to stop myself from wearing them all at once.

spotlightonwearlex7This Boston Strong bracelet is a timely and classy way to show your support for this incredible city. I always want to wear my Boston pride, but the crew neck t-shirts just aren’t my style. This is a great alternative.

spotlightonwearlex9You know I can’t get enough of spikes and studs, and this bracelet is fierce.

spotlightonwearlex5As I’ve demonstrated here, here, and here, you can’t go wrong with a black beanie.

spotlightonwearlex6I wear the same pearl studs almost every day, and while I love them, I’m really looking to branch out a little. These earrings are just up my alley, bold enough to make a statement but neutral enough to go with many things.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to spruce up your looks, and don’t want to have to sort through pages of junk, check out WearLex.com. After all, what’s a good outfit with earrings to match?

Please note: These products were gifted to my by Wear Lex. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photos are mine.