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For the past eight months I’ve been living in the South End on a block full of beautiful brownstones. The apartment was in need of some serious repairs, but in that “charming” kind of way, and I loved it despite the splintering wood floors and drafty windows. But now I’m moving onto bigger and better things. Well, actually smaller and better things. Tomorrow I move to a studio apartment, my first place that will be all mine. And while I can’t wait to have my own space, I’ll miss the vibrant South End and everything it has to offer.


The South End is Boston’s uber hip, frequently undiscovered neighborhood. With a thriving contemporary art scene and the best vintage market in the city, it’s a hipster paradise.

goodbyesouthend3I’m certain I’ll be back to the neighborhood frequently to get my fix of late night frites, innovative exhibits, and one-of-a-kind trinkets.

goodbyesouthendOver the next week I’ll be taking a break from posting to focus on the move. It’ll be a short but necessary hiatus so I can beautify my new apartment and share it with you all!

Photos are mine.