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I do a lot of thrifting, re-purposing, and shopping at fast fashion chains. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain whether it’s at TJMaxx, Rue La La, or in my friend’s closet. But recently I stopped into Macy’s, and I fell in love with this pink trench coat. The bold color cheers up any rainy day and it came in petite sizes which means one less hemline to alter. The only snag was that the coat cost around $200. Way out of my price range for yet another outwear piece. So I began the wait.

hurryupandwaitI waited for a month, checking in on the coat a few times a week to see if it was still there. It gradually moved from the main floor to the sale racks, 10% then 15% then 25%. With the help of a few coupons I was finally able to buy it.

hurryupandwait4This kind of waiting game requires a significant amount of trust. You have to accept that the garment you’re holding out for may sell out. But usually I find that the clothing gods have my back, and this perfect trench was absolutely worth the wait.

Does waiting for a garment to go on sale work for you or do you prefer to grab it on the spot?

Photos by Jenni Heller.