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Since leaving the South End I’ve been back almost every Sunday for the one event that I just can’t get enough of – the SoWa Vintage Market. Every week a whole block of Harrison street is filled with artists, farmers, crafters, food trucks, and vintage sellers. It’s the only European-style open air market in Boston and it’s not just worth a trip, it’s worth a trip every Sunday.


SoWavintagemarket8Union Square Donuts makes the most amazing homemade donuts I’ve ever had. But you’ve gotta go early because they sell out quick! Here I have a strawberry donut, my favorite summer flavor. If that doesn’t start you off to a good day, nothing will.

SoWavintagemarket2Next stop, vintage! I always go to Rosanna’s booth first. She’s the first clothing vendor on the right when you enter the building. She has the most amazing brands (Burberry, Chanel, Ferragamo, Louboutin) at very low prices. I got this Dior from her shop. Not to mention she’s a sweetheart!

SoWavintagemarket4SoWa doesn’t just sell vintage clothing, there are lots of housewares and knick knacks as well. Many booths also have artwork, both contemporary and collectable.

SoWavintagemarket3I love the hunt for a good piece, and let me tell you, I always find one. The real problem is trying to stop myself from buying everything on the rack. I try to find good quality pieces that I know I can style in many ways. Designers brands are a plus but I don’t shop them exclusively.


SoWavintagemarket6Here I’m holding a pair of Chanel leather slides, how perfect for summer? I couldn’t resist buying them, it’s so hard to find high end brands in size 5 without paying a fortune.

SoWavintagemarket7If you ever need to find me on a Sunday, this is where I’ll be. Because with donuts, art, and vintage, SoWa has everything that I love all rolled up into a perfect blue-sky afternoon.

Photos by Jenni Heller.