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Welcome to the first installment of my ’70s Series. The 1970s are back in a big way this fall and though I was skeptical at first I’m coming around to some of the trends. The key is to modernize the look instead of just recreating your dad’s favorite disco style. This series will take four different trends from the ’70s and show how you can bring them into the 21st century. Our first stop: fringe.

View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/trendsandtolstoyFringe is one of the more prevalent trends flying back onto shelves. Instead of opting for a suede (because honestly, ew) I went with my typical leather. I found these vintage shorts at SoWa and paired them with black booties and a retro batman tee. The monotone black and grey color palette makes the fringe look sophisticated rather than cowgirl-ish. The superhero tee and leather also makes it a little rock-and-roll, a little more Black Sabbath than Donna Summers. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/trendsandtolstoy

View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/trendsandtolstoyFor this series I collaborated with a photographer I’ve long had a creative crush on. Stephanie Krist is an incredibly talented woman. Not only does she do photography but also calligraphy, painting, and many other creative projects. It was a blast to work with her on this series, you can check out her work hereView More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/trendsandtolstoy

View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/trendsandtolstoyShirt: Thrifted, Shorts: SoWa Vintage Market, Shoes: c/o OASAP, Lipstick: “Retro Red” by NYC

Photos by Stephanie Krist.