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Every year I do a massive closet clean out, sorting through everything from clothes to jewelry, accessories, and products. I usually get rid of about half my wardrobe to start fresh for the new year. This year was a particularly big haul since my style has been evolving rapidly. Whenever I clean out my closet people always ask if they can take some of the clothes, so this year I threw a party and invited all my friends to come take what they wanted. I re-arranged my apartment to look like a boutique and we “shopped,” sipped prosecco, and enjoyed each other’s company. sundayshoppingsoiree(5)I bought this makeshift bar cart on Saturday and decked it out with all my favorite things for the party. How can you have a bad time with wine and macarons?sundayshoppingsoiree(2)sundayshoppingsoiree(3)I’m secretly a 70 year old woman so our playlist was full of Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, and Lena Horne. sundayshoppingsoiree(4)sundayshoppingsoireeThe event was a huge success. Everyone left with some goodies and I got to spend time with all the people I love. I’m looking forward to making this a yearly event.

Photos by Jamie Ditaranto.