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During the first real winter storm in Boston it feels appropriate to feature Wellensteyn, an incredible winter coat manufacturer that just opened a store at the Wrentham Outlets. As you guys know, I have never worn a serious winter coat. Even last year when we got the most snow in Boston EVER I insisted on wearing a fashion-first, warmth-second coat. Thanks to Wellensteyn, all that has changed. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-artistsI always assumed that you couldn’t get a heavy duty winter coat that was also cute. Most of them look like hideous black sleeping bags and I’d rather be cute and freezing than bear a close resemblance to a dumpster diving camper. Turns out I was wrong. The Wellensteyn coats are designed to fight off the cold, in some cases even sub-arctic temps, while also looking nice. They come in a variety of styles for men and women and a range of colors and thicknesses. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-artistsThe coat I chose is a grey metallic with a fur hood. My favorite feature is the waist belt that gives the coat enough shape to remind the world that there’s a woman under there. It’s form fitting but still spacious enough to layer with sweaters on those particularly icy days. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-artists

Now that we’ve covered style, let me attest to the warmth of this coat. I sweat when I wear this. Even in below freezing temperatures, even with just a t-shirt underneath. You can walk outside in the middle of a snowstorm and still feel like you’re in bed. Admittedly, I’m new to the warm coat game, but this is better than I ever expected. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-artistsI styled it with thigh high boots and no tights on a warmer day (35 degrees) but it would work just as well with fleece leggings in today’s snowstorm. A lot of the time I still put style over comfort, but now at least I don’t have to get frostbite because of it. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-artistsYou can find my jacket, the Lichtermeer, here. If it’s too flashy for you there’s a variety of other options available on the Wellensteyn site. Go forth and be warm!

Jacket: c/o Wellensteyn, Boots: Gifted

Photos by Stephanie Krist.

Please Note: Wellensteyn gifted me the Lichtermeer jacket, however, all opinions are my own.