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Now that I’ve moved into a new place, I’m learning to love staying in. In my hectic world of nightly events, article deadlines, and perpetual meetings, I rarely get to spend a night at home by myself, and when I do I relish it. Especially as the weather gets colder, there’s nothing quite as comforting as snuggling up in a fur blanket with a good book.

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I keep a few silk robes on hand for when I feel like lounging around the house like an old movie star, making dramatic proclamations and fainting languidly onto the couch. This is one of my favorites. View More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-septView More: http://stephanieritaphoto.pass.us/celina-sept

The surprise here is that I’m actually reading about firing squads. A delightful little excerpt from Execution.

Photos by Stephanie Krist.